Monday, March 24, 2008

The Journey Begins..

Hey everyone. This is Stacy (aka Sis) checking in to let everyone know that Bets and Dustan have been successfully dropped off at Springer Mountain. We drove almost 4 hours on Monday through Tennessee into Georgia, stopping only to get fuel for their camp stove and some extra long Slim Jims. See Left: Dustan getting fuel in the background. The drop-off destination was much more remote than any of us thought it would be. (2 hours of country roads, 7 miles of narrow gravel road straight up a mountain- in my sports car!) You can't tell from the pictures but it was snowing and COLD. There were about 5 other hikers in the lot where we stopped but I'm not sure if they were through-hikers or not. They just saw Trail with her pack and said "That's hardcore, man". Music to my sister's ears, I'm sure. Ha.

They were so excited and as you can see, Trail was geared up as well. Betsy called Mom yesterday from the top of a ridge in Georgia. They had hiked 8 miles and it was 24 degrees on their first night. They slept well though and were toasty in their sleeping bags. In a couple of weeks, Mike and I will meet them at the mouth of the Great Smokies to pick up Trail. She'll be staying with us in Knoxville for a few weeks while they hike that section of the AT then we'll meet them again in Max Patch, NC to give her back. I'll will update with any information I have along the way and will pass along any comments that are left to them when we see each other in a couple of weeks. Thanks for everyone who is praying for their safety and sharing the excitement of their trek!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting guys, can't wait to follow you all along the trail!!

John Puckett

The Schweickerts said...

Trail gets "High Energy Dog food". Dustin gets "Extra long Slim jims"! That'll get ya to Maine!! We are keeping you in our prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, just wanted to let you
know we're keeping you in our prayers and thoughts. Be safe!
Love, Rick & Donna

Amy said...

thanks for the update! i was wondering how the first day went... you guys look so happy!

Joseph & Hailey Maddox said...

Hey guys, this joe and hailey and we are praying for you all the way. We would like to meet you guys in staunton if possible and we are watching you guys all the way with this feed. Love you guys and GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Glad you are rolling along. Keep in your mind we will have 2 inch Rib Eye's waiting for you on a grill in VA. Chuck & Jen

Anonymous said...

Hey Dustan, Betsy and Thinker,

I'm going to try this short note and see if it goes through. We are in Blowing Rock, NC and we looked at the map to see where the AT is when you came through this area. I think the name of the area near the trail in Elk Gap. Do you remember that? Near Linville and Banner Elk, NC....about 20 minutes from our place.

We'll continue to keep up with the three of you on the trail. It was absolutely wonderful to have you join us and fun to listen to your "trail adventures."

Keep safe, God speed and know that we love you.

Scottie and Carl

P. S. This one is for Kendall.