Monday, August 11, 2008

Next Mail Drop Locale

Hold for AT thru hikers:
B&D Balkcom
West Hartford, VT 05084


Kevin Doll aka StinkyKD said...

thank you so much for the call - I'm looking forward to seeing you next week - I'm starting to go crazy! 2.5 weeks down, 1 week to go. Hopefully we can hang out - I can give you the full Rutland tour - and then I should be able to catch you, as I am SO ready to hike again. remember - hike your own hike (you don't want to hike mine!). Peace out. Blaze '08

Anonymous said...


FYI, I passed!!!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

hey guys! Emily again. Just dropping by to check up on your progress...Way to go! I am on the road heading to Texas. Registration day is aug 15th, 3 days away! See you at Christmas!

p.s.- Dustin, Dad and Will said you need to shave! :p haha

Toni Jill said...

Hi Guys! You are doing a great job and we are very proud of you! School's starting here soon, Molly has started taking gymnastics (or flipping class as she calls it), we got a Bassett Hound puppy named Deacon (what were we thinking), Molly is turning 3 on the 29th, the twins will be 2 on Sept. 11
and we can't wait to see you!

Keep pressing on! Can't wait to hear your awesome stories and see you in Mill Creek again! Love to you both, Toni Jill

Kathie said...

Dustan & Bets,

We LOVE being able to track you as you do this "dream come true" adventure! My daughter, Tobi and her hubby are also reading and loving it.
We miss you in the Burg. Dave and Elliott are going on their FIRST white water rafting trip with the youth this weekend. Nicky is visiting a friend from his orphanage in NC and Ty is playing league football! Oh yeah...we are pregnant with a "GOLDENDOODLE" puppy that we are going to Ohio to get in November! God is blessing us and it certainly isn't boring around here. Me...I'm just trying to be the queen and not the slave!

We all love and miss you tons!
Your Burg Fam,
The Schweickert's

Lollie Lane said...

Hey Sis and Bro-
Thanks so much for sending Mike a bday card. Every 30 mins or so, I hear Napolean talking about his skills. Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

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