Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hmm, so far I disagree. We made it to Maine. Woo.Hoo. Crossing in to the final state was easily the worst day on the trail so far. We fought, I fell, it rained, I cried, and then - we crossed into Maine. Dustan said, "Do you want your picture by the sign?" I shrugged and said, "What's the point?" Sooo, no picture. Since we've been here, it's been rainy, raining, or about to rain, foggy, drippy, lame, cloudy - not the way life should be. Don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous, we just can't really see it from under the hood of our rain jackets. Both of us are just beginning to feel over it. The chills and sweat and constant workout are starting to really wear us down. Pulling ourselves out of each trail town gets harder and harder. I think that's natural, though.
I remember back when I was going to graduate high school, I started feeling really ancy and beyond bored when my guidance counselor said to mom, "That's the way she should feel, she's almost done." These words have stuck with me for life. Any time I'm nearing the end of a big season and I get really impatient, I think, This is okay. It's almost time! And that makes me feel a little better. (Thanks, Debi Campbell).

The climbs haven't relented at all after the Whites and the infamous Mahoosuc Notch. The Notch is regarded as the toughest mile on the AT, and it's basically a long stretch of bouldering up, around, over, and under a bunch of house-sized rocks. Nothing really dangerous, just kinda nerve-wracking and time-consuming. Many times we had to take our packs off to squeeze between rocks. None of Dust, since he had the camera.

Also - we crossed the 1900 mile mark! That was cool.

Tortellini over a campfire.

Me, not ready to crawl out of my sleeping bag. We usually always tent because it's warmer, more comfy and just our "system," but on this rainy night we opted to sleep in the shelter with about 13 other people. Wet boots, balled-up socks, funky foot-marinated sleeping bags unfurling in every direction. Smelled delicious.

We are currently in Andover, Maine and man, did it feel great to get here. We took hot showers and then took a walk down to the corner diner. I would have been happy to just sit and read the menu all day long. Dough boys, egg salad sandies, calzones, bacon cheeseburgers, buffalo wings, mmmmm. Tomorrow we'll hit up the diner for breakfast and then get back on the trail to the next town, Rangeley, where we'll celebrate our fifth anniversary! The weather says the sun should visit us again and the news says Barak Obama is speaking at my high school. Ok - in fact - there he is right now on national TV in the gymnasium where Mrs. Adams made me dress out just to play badminton. Am I dreaming?


Toni Jill said...

Hi Guys! I LOVE being the first to comment on your blog! How lame is that? Do I really not have anything better to do? Anyway, Barak at LHS Mecca, don't know what to say about that one. Although, as my mom and sis were watching the speech live, they almost got to Susie O to ask a question and Terri said, "Obama DOES NOT want a piece of Susie O!" Can't believe your 5 year anniversary is almost here! Congrats guys! It's time for you all to get out of the woods and start catching up with Chad and I in the baby department! Love you lots and miss you tons, Toni Jill

Lindsay said...

Hey Guys! I can't stop thinking about how many life-lessons are going to come out of hiking this monkey. You'll forever be reverting back to "...yeah, it's like when we were hiking the AT..." when you're facing life pressure. This was my favorite post. It's one of the only newsflashes we've had that has shown a tired side. And in that, I just want to say - "You're doing a great job. Keep pressing forward. Endurance and Encouragement are yours in abundance- you live under an open heaven." Hope to speak with you soon. Thanks for leaving consistent posts on our site. Thanks for checking into our lives. We love you. Linds and Brian- PS** Brian got a 76' CV200 Honda (vintage cafe style motorcycle) and is DYING to ride with Dustan.

Scottie and Carl said...

Hey you two!! Five years coming up soon and 6 months of that time on the AT!!! Imagine that!! Not many people can say that. We send our congratulations for your anniver-
sary. We hope Rangeley will be a good stop to celebrate a bit. I told Kendall to have the Seasons gang check you out on your blog.
They won't believe some of the
pictures you've sent. These last
ones are something!! I hope the
weather works in your behalf for
the last leg of the trail. I hear
you're driving home. If you come
near Waynesboro please let us know
and stop over. We would love to
see you again. Sending lots of love
and praises for the great job you have done of tackling the trail.
I am reading Walk in the Woods and I think Betsy could write a woman's version of trail experiences. Think about it. Prayers go up for you as you near the finish.

Anonymous said...

I bet you're wishing that you were prancing around with all those 10 fairies in the hayfield on your wedding day. That'd probably be more fun than hiking through ick-smlickity awfulness. Apparently Mom and Dad were on TV twice with your mom or something...kind of strange. They're turning into celebs down there. I think I'm going up to Skyline Drive this weekend to have a faux AT hike...as in, I will drive up there with a picnic in my CamelBak (just because I want to carry it, though) and walk through the woods a few hours and drive home to a hot shower and Chaucer. Isn't he dreadful? I love you guys, you're almost finished, be encouraged!