Saturday, May 10, 2008

Coming Home

I wish I had the time and the high-speed internet connection to post loads of pictures from Roan Mountain to Kincora Hostel to a waterfall we found one hot day to Watauga Dam, but I don't - I guess that will wait til another trail town with a public library. Until now, here's one of me with Ryland and Amryn. Home has been wonderful. Mom picked us up in Damascus on Wednesday and we'll be back on the trail tomorrow.

The lushness of the season here is gorgeous. The trees are full and the green fields sprawl out to edges tucked in deep shade. Ask me if spring is better out on the trail or in civilization. Um - civilization. Where front porches and iced tea and sudsy warm water abounds. No but really, we're pumped to get back on the trail.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Betsy and Dustan! It was so wonderful to see you all while you were home. I know everyone loved it! I hope you didn't have to hike in too much rain yesterday. I bet it's challenging with the strong winds too. Take care and know we love you! Zac and Martha

Matt Goodman said...

Dustan and Betsy,

We miss you and love you! I love all the pics. It looks like you guys are having an awesome time. Don't know when you'll get to check this next, but life is good in Williamsburg. Christoph and Tee just had Jude Wells Fehrenbach and he and mom are doing well. You know Tee - she had the baby in a tobacco field but didn't stop pickin'. :) Katie and kids are well. Church life is really exploding, but we certainly miss your presence. Heard the Tide is still hiring...hint hint.

Call when you can!

Much love,
Matt & Katie