Monday, May 12, 2008

Postponing the inevitable...

So we got to Damascus yesterday after church, waved off by our families, and we looked at the ominous sky and the exposed underside of leaves whipping in the wind and we decided to get some ice cream. Then we went to the Hikers Inn and got a room. Then a ham and cheese sub....

Today we are leaving. No, really - we are. Right now I'm at the Damascus Library uploading some pics for you and then we'll hit Dairy King one more time for some eggs and coffee and then we'll head north, no matter how rainy it is. Here are some moments from our time at home:

Amryn Reese (Reece?) Esteppe. I really know how to spell my niece's name. What a superstar she is. It was great hanging out with family.

Mom's house. Sweet tea, lounging on the front porch, reuniting with our animals. Trail is doing great. She barely noticed us when she saw us again, that's how much she is loving living at Hidden Valley with the Mill Creek girls (mom's puppies).

Good ol' Bridger. He still loves to drink out of the sink.
And the Cave. This is where Dustan found himself a lot. We missed Dad being there.

Here's a few pics from the trail:

Our nasty feet. This is Dustan's blisters and just my dirty toes.

Then there was the day we found the glorious waterfall. Jones Falls.

The climb up Roan Mountain. Extremely hard and no good view at the top. So my feelings were...

Hump Mountain on the other hand was an amazing bald. Here's Dustan's backpack beside a kairn. Am I spelling that right?

And there were horses up there.

Ok, my session will end in 4 minutes so I have to make this snappy. Wish I had more time to tell some stories and put up more pictures. Just want to thank everyone who came to Outback to see us on Wednesday night - what a treat! Especially to Sarah and Toni - they drove a long way to see me. I love you guys!

Ok, on to the Grayson Highlands. We might be back for Trail Days if we pop out in Marion and Jeremy Weaver kidnaps us, but only maybe. :)

Peace out from Brahma and Sweet P.


Lollie Lane said...

omg, is that a WILD HORSE?

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that you didn't set out in the terrible weather yesterday. Let us know about Stacy's horse question. And if you get a chance some of the post offices you'll stop at as you move up the trail. Love you!! Zac and Martha

Amy said...

Betsy, I got your letter in the mail the other day and it TOTALLY made my day! I could do with more cute babies in this post and less feet... just fyi. You guys rock!

Toni Jill said...

I wondered if you all set out on to hike on Sunday! Glad you opted of the hotel! I can't blame you AT ALL! And it was totally my pleasure to drive up and see you at the Outback! I had a blast! Good luck over the next few weeks and do let us know about post offices and stops along the way! Love you tons and miss you bunches, Toni Jill

Anonymous said...

Hey You Two!!
It is great keeping up with you! Be safe and keep on having a wonderful time--thanks for sharing with us. I am going to call and leave a message with you about the possibility of seeing you at Catawba if our schedules coincide favorably.
Love, Jo

Anonymous said...

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