Friday, June 6, 2008

700 miles!

We're in Daleville. It's hot. I'm not complaining because that means 1) we're NOT cold and 2) we have a pool to enjoy when we come into towns. A pool presents itself as an oasis to hikers and I think some skip town showers altogether and let the chlorine do its work.

I wish I had the time to upload pics, I just don't. Coming into town involves an overwhelming amount of "chores." Finding a room and getting to a restaurant are top priorities. Then you have to hitch or walk to a grocery store to resupply, shower, do laundry, reorganize your backpack, call home and friends, update stuff online, manage finances, plan out the days ahead, and still find the time to sit on the bed in a vegetative state and watch TV with a pint of Ben and Jerry's in your hand.

Here's another blog you can check out - We were hiking with this guy Blaze until we took so many days off the trail he just got away. Kansas kid, works for Hallmark. He fell and dislocated his finger, but he's still going strong! He's days ahead of us but this blog will give you great pictures, stories and an idea of what we're doing too.


Lollie Lane said...

Hey Sis-

I miss you too. I've had no mojo for lollielane lately but I'll get to it again one day.


Anonymous said...

Hey You Guys--I have been thinking of you two all day today--in the high 90's here in Henry County today and supposed to be 100 tomorrow. I am hoping it is not so hot in the woods on the trail--glad to hear from you and will be glad to hear details when youi have the time. Be safe and enjoy!!!
God bless!!!! Love, JOpo