Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bridge Jumping, Slackpacking and a Warm Waynesboro Welcome

Greetings from mile marker 850! We are now in Waynesboro, VA getting ready to enter the Shenandoahs tomorrow.
Thanks to a host of trail angels the past few days have been marked with fun, efficiency and lots of relief from heat, hunger and exhaustion. Of course it began with Mary Lynn's incredible hospitality in the stretch from here back to Glasgow. Besides slumming around her amazing house eating her amazing food, she made 3 days of slackpacking possible for us.

Slack-packing. n.

1. the act of hiking without one's backpack

2. the ability to cover copious miles with ease

3. cheating

Whatever you want to call it, we basically got to get dropped off on the trail, walk for miles and miles (we did a total of 39 miles in 3 days) and then hop in a car and drive home to a shower and pot roast at the end of the day. It was really incredible.

Then we rolled in to Waynesboro and got a really cool and unexpected surprise. Our name in lights!

How cool is that? Our friends Carl and Scottie know the owners of this business right in the middle of town and they had a little marquee waiting for us!


Bethany said...

Betsy, how can we meet up with you? Can you email me and let me know a place?

Toni Jill said...

First your name in lights in Waynesboro, VA - the next place must be New York City!! Ha ha! Glad you all are still doing well and I Do Not Think slackpacking is cheating! I am still impressed! Check out my blog a few posts back for a surprise for you and Brahma! Love you to pieces, Toni Jill

Anonymous said...

It sure looks like you all are leaving your mark on the trail! It's great to hear you are doing good and got a wonderful treat. I agree with Toni - after 850 miles, I don't think slackpacking is cheating. Keep on truckin' - well, hikin'! We love you!! Zac and Martha

Anonymous said...

Hey Dust and Bets,

Thanks again for sharing your amazing experiences with all of us--I just look forward to looking every day to see if there is something from you guys. The pictures are wonderful, although I don't love seeing you, Dustan, doing handstands in high-up scary looking places and handling snakes (the things I guess I'm most afraid of). However, I am so glad you are having a good time and meeting some incredible people--seems like you all are meeting all those good guys the world is full of but we don't hear much about.
Be safe and keep having fun!!!!
Love and God Bless!!! Jo

Amy said...

man, i can't even imagine walking 39 miles. y'all are going to be in such good shape when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Hey Betsy and Dusty!! :)
Em here (and the family too)Hope you guys are doing great! I leave on Saturday for Peru. and HA is coming fast! Woohoo! Can't wait to see you two at Christmas...after you have hiked the WHOLE trail! :D
Mom, Dad and Will all say Hey!
Love ya both,
Em Bundy

Anonymous said...

Dustan and Betsy,

Check out the "older comment" page and you will see a note from us written on June 22.

Scottie and Carl