Monday, April 7, 2008

Betsy's trail name "Sweet Potato" has complete stuck.  They recently had their first rest day  and worked on gear repair, downsizing, and drying out. They've been hiking in the rain off and on for days. Trail was left alone in the tent for a little while and ripped a whole in the screen (luckily not an essential part!) Dustan spent the majority of that day sewing the hole with dental floss.  (Thanks, Steve Ball!) He got a sunburn on this day but the next few days would prove to be nothing but rain, fog, dripping, wind and more fog. Fog as in, a big cloud came and plopped it's fat butt on top of the mountain. 

They stopped at Blue Mountain Shelter (right) to dry out. "Sherlock" is on the left (he smokes a pipe all the time) Dave from Mai
ne is on the right. He's their best
 friend so far. 

They have mailed back items to Hidden Valley in order to lighten the load. Sounds like they are figuring out exactly what they need on a daily basis and what things are unecessary luxury, otherwise know as: weight. 

This is over 7 lbs of gear they sent back. They can't "go lite" because it would mean a ton of expensive gear. Seen here: extra vitamins, socks, a fry pan, hat, thermarest folding chairs, spoons, dogfood, bra, shorts.  


Anonymous said...

you guys are so cool. thursday i went hiking on the A.T. i did a little 10 miler the other day. it was good. i went south, stopped and had a lunch, and then headed back. it was great. also, one thing that i continually thought about while i walked was the fact that, had i continued walking or waiting long enough, good friends of mine would have shown up. also, i met a man named "plugger" he was a cool dude. kinda old man and he is walking to damascus. you guys should pass him. anyway, love you guys i will keep praying for yall.

-justin honaker

Anonymous said...

Hey Bull and Sweet Potato,
I just finished taking an online test at the rent’s house and noticed it was snowing outside. Next I turned on the TV to watch the Masters coverage down in Georgia and noticed it was really windy down there. Lapping in the living the life of luxury my thoughts turn to you two. Knowing that you are somewhere between snow and wind I am praying for warm nights, calm winds, and a safe trail ahead of you. Stacy thanks for the updates, trail insights, and watch out for the growling babies.
Eli ~ (non-trail name “couch potato”)

Barbara said...

Hey, Guys! Trail is so cute - and a such a trooper. Baxter misses her! I can understand sending back the extra vitamins, but I would have thought that bras and shorts were essentials.

Your updates sound really good on the Tide - keep them coming - and I'll see you when you get to Virginia!