Monday, April 28, 2008

Friends on the Trail

Well, we're still here in Erwin due to torrential rains and the aroma of Pizza Plus...

Thought I'd go ahead and put some more pics up while I have all this unlimited internet access. I'm thrilled to report that I was able to cut more patches/straps/pockets etc. off my pack and mail some more clothes home. Cutting pack weight is better than pizza - and you can quote me on that.

I thought I'd go ahead and share some pics of the people we've met along the way. Trail life would never be as good without them!

Random order of both friends and chronology.

Happy Tracker on the top of Blackstack Cliffs.

Dustan in Hot Springs at the outfitter with Wayne - a gear expert with an all-too elusive ingredient: HUMILITY.

Hoot and Sundance in the Smokies. Check them out at (basically they're telling the same story, we're hiking together!)

Random one of me that I can't rotate - I take great lengths to get bananas on the trail.

Muffin Paste overlooking North Carolina (or is Tennessee?)

Holler at the post office (also not rotated).

Dustan by a stream.

Bert. Great guy - used to have looooooong hair. Has a dog at home named Ernie that looks like Trail.

Matthewski. I took his picture by this sign because it pretty much captures him. He's 47 and you would never know it. He's a little crazy. I think people are looking for him....

Freefall, Bert, Longshot, Paste. And the dog - Heidi. We were at a home of some former thru-hikers who gave AMAZING trail magic. We're talking belgian waffles, a long drink list, veggie beef stew, and for dessert - banana splits, ice cream sundaes, etc. I have pictures, but those are for another time.

The gang hiking.

The gang eating breakfast in a gas station in Erwin, TN where a short-order cook makes some mean biscuits and gravy. Blaze and The Breeze are the ones seated. Great guys.

Happy Tracker. We love this guy. Yes, he's always happy. Tracker because he tracked a bear and recovered some bear bags. This picture was taken in the morning and we were all eating breakfast but he charmed our waitress into bringing him a double cheeseburger with fries. At like 9 in the morning.

Crashing at a shelter. Holler, Bert, Paste.

Cayenne and Rie. We miss you guys! Somehow we got separated. These are our American Idol buffs. Go David Archuletta


Anonymous said...


Let me know what your next "address" will be... I want to mail you something... but I'm not telling what it is!!

Barb W

Monica Flores said...

i haven't not been reading this frequently at all and was SO glad to "catch up" tonight.

what an adventure!

monica flores

Bethany said...

What great pictures. How fantastic that you're meeting new people along the way and spending time with these new friends. What a tremendous life experience!

Lynda said...

You guys are awesome!! I can't believe how many miles you have hiked. And, I had no idea there would be so many people hiking the trail as well, that's great. What an adventure!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dustan and Bets! Thanks for the postcard. It was a great surprise. The sunset was beautiful! I know it was even better in person. I can't believe how close to home you are. Do you know yet when you'll be in Damascus? You'll probably have your own personal parade when you come through. If you get the chance, for locations after you pass Damascus, please give some addresses where we can send things to you. You both look great in the pictures. Keep on truckin' and know how loved you both are! Zac and Martha

Amy said...

hey bets! wish you guys were closer... i definately need a day out on the trail. looks like you guys are making some great friends! it's wednesday night and i'm sitting here in your blue adidas shirt and red socks that you pawned off on me, so i thought i'd drop you a note. glad to see you guys are still smiling!

Jo said...

Hey Bets and Dustan,
We are eagerly keeping up and are so glad you can have such a wonderful adventure--Jeff would be so proud and I believe is cheering you on right now!!! We love you guys and are praying for your health and safety every step of the way. Don't forget that we want to meet you at Catawba and treat you to a meal at the Homeplace.
Love, Jo

Anonymous said...

Hey hikers. Driving home last night we noticed a unique sunset through the far-off rain. It was so beautiful that we pulled over and just sat on the side of the road watching in silence. As we looked west, we couldn’t help but think of you guys. Please know that we are pulling for you. Here's to your adventure being more amazing and exciting than you imagined. Much Love! - Jer, Mich, Vi, and Summy Shine