Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quick hello from Erwin, TN

Brahma Bull and Sweet Potato signing in to say hello from Erwin, TN. We arrived this afternoon around 12:14pm - just before the deluge! We were given a room and quickly shuttled to an AYCE buffet at Pizza Plus. The life! I (Betsy) am doing much better with the whole queasy thing, in fact, I am feeling better than ever.

We will be in Damascus before long - maybe like less than 2 weeks? I have some pics to upload but not sure I have the time. I'm sharing the internet with a hostel full of hikers who miss their email.

Happy Trails!


Anonymous said...

Hey Big D its weave, i tel you every morning I get up I am praying for you and betsy, I know its tough but just think you are almost to damascus the happiest part of the trail..... I love you all and I love the blogs they are awesome!!!!! If you are in Damascus anytime betwen may 15th -17th i have a huge pancake for the both of you, we will be near the funeral home in town!!!
Love you all


JackRussell said...

Dustan and Betsy!
Just wanted to give you a shout out from Charleston. We had a baby yesterday. Check out our blogs for pics of our new daughter, Noa. Labor and everything went great.

We're so proud of you guys going for the AP like that. It truely is Jackie and my anti-vacation. It just makes us that much more amazed when we read your blog.

Love you guys! -- Russ and Jackie

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
I can't believe you're already in Erwin! I hope you enjoyed every bite of that Pizza Plus buffet, you truly earned that. Keep on bloggin.... jj&don

Anonymous said...

hey what up playas, if you want to stay in L town for about 2 months after you get there, you can be at the wedding

-The Circle