Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Max Patch

Sunday was my birthday. (you know I'd work that in at some point) Sweet Potato called me early Sunday morning from Deep Gap to wish me Happy Birthday. She said they would probably be coming through Max Patch in the morning sometime and that they were on their way to Hot Springs, NC. Mike and I were all ready for church. We got in the car, drove halfway down Chapman Hwy and I said "this is ridiculous! I wanna see my sis! Let's try to catch them" So, we drove 2 hours to Max Patch (it's not that heroic, we were headed that way anyway for the Feist concert in Asheville) and parked our bums on a blanket right in front of the Trail. About 40 minutes later, look who showed up:

It was just so unbelievably cool and amazing that we actually caught them. we had no idea what time they'd be coming through..just that it would be sometime that day.

It was so cold up there so we relocated to the car for a while. Here's sis looking like she's eating her very first orange:
Off they go. Back to their adventure...(you can see them in the distance if you click to enlarge the pic)


Amy said...

They must have been SO excited to see you guys! 2 questions for you... Do you know when Betsy & Dustan will be passing by this area? I think they said they'd be a couple hours west of Williamsburg at some point. Also, do you know how often Betsy checks her email?
Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

Oh, one more thing... the look on Dustan's face in the car, looks like he's contemplating whether or not to body slam Betsy to the ground for that orange.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear for you the other day although I still think you are down in the Caribbean. Great job of Stacy making it all seem real. here is a quick list of people asking about you and following you on the website. Crosswell at YRYH, Hugh at Ft. Monroe, Ed Hutya and a buch of others wish you well. Keep moving and you can stop in Va and dive for a few days. See you around Crabtree Fall's with some monster Rib-Eye's!! Chuck and Jen